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Our Greatest Community.

Knowing what is in your own community may surprise you.

communityof.com is here to capture and share that information.

It's hope is to help build stronger communities and businesses through information sharing and a fairer distribution of commerce.



communityof.com was created to help build the knowledge of one's community, by focusing on the People and Business that make up those communities.

Advertising within the site is restricted. It is built aroud the businesses within those communities.

To explain, I will give you some of the thoughts behind communityof.com.

One day I was searching for a new place to get a pizza. After reading through multiple pages, seeing information that was not relavent (ie. the place was miles away in another town), I decided to start making my own listing.

I would present the listing in the style of Phone Books with categories etc.

When the idea takes off, the revenue would help support many communities and the people that make up that community, not some corporation thousands of miles away.

The focus of communityof.com is to promote local businesses over outside businesses. If no one in that community offers that service or product, than you would allow them to advertise.

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Business listings, local listings, family services of towns, cities, villages, provinces, states, territories and countries, which are all part of one great community.
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