The inspiration: One day I was searching for a new place to get a pizza. After reading through multiple pages, seeing information that was not relevant (ie. the place was miles away in another town), I decided to start making my own listing.

Visitors are never charged for visiting the website.



Safe Business Listing Browsing - the format helps remove some axiety from looking for a link or phone number for a business. How many time have you searched for something, a result looks like what you want, but after clicking on it, you notice it directed you to a spam site or similar ad based website. does its best to provide a safe surfing visit to the website. The links provided are check and updated when possible.

At times, domain names are dropped by a community or a business and other nafarious sites pick them up. Please email if you discover one.

No "Clickbait" images to filter through.

"Clickbait is a text or a thumbnail link that is designed to attract attention and to entice users to follow that link and read, view, or listen to the linked piece of online content, being typically deceptive, sensationalized, or otherwise misleading." - Wikipedia

Most listings have:

- clickable addresses to Google or Microsoft,
- Click to view their website,
- on a mobile smart phone, you can click to dial the phone number
- you can click the email option to open your email preference, Outlook, Google etc. All depends on your settings.


Ad placement are available in levels, contact us with your question on placement.
Community ad placement routes to one or many pages and is not based on clicks.

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For more information on advertising, e-mail us.

A break down of service offering:

->Info Site Creation
->Info Site Hosting
->Info Site Link Update through Google
->Menu Hosting
->Ad Placement
->Information Sharing Platform for Local Events
->Pin Point Business Listings (ie. Eating Out)

Future, Like to see:

-downloadable version of the contact listing for a community and as a member, a person could download the listing to their phone.

-low member fee for extra content

-log in / register option so visitors can visit favorites, check updates

-frandchise style ownership of communities so people from each area/segment can appreciate what it is like to be a business owner?


April 2024 Adventuring around the South Shore capturing information.
Jan 2024

Still posting businesses into 2024.

OCT 2023

Large update coming for Lunenburg. Stay tuned for update in early October.

->added *, ¹ & ¹¹ for opening on links:
*opens to a map, either google or microsoft;
¹opens to the business website;
¹¹opens to the business website, but the server is not secure.

SEPT 2023

Populating information on businesses and communities on the South Shore of Nova Scotia.

Aug 2023 Populating more from the South Shore. Added a number of categories and businesses. Also updating the directory font to cap's so that it is more mobile friendly. Also displays better on tablets with the new settings.
July 2023 Over 400 businesses captured - over 150 categories created
June 2023:

Large Update - multiple cat's added
-ratio set for mobile friendly viewing
-phone number link added
-up to date Golf Listing

More to come.

May 2023:

Added cat Taxi's
==various added

More to come.



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