To explain, I will give you some of the thoughts behind

The inspiration: One day I was searching for a new place to get a pizza. After reading through multiple pages, seeing information that was not relevant (ie. the place was miles away in another town), I decided to start making my own listing.

In todays world we should be buying local more than ever. With so many people buying on-line we are losing part of that income to our local economies.

So, if this idea/website can bring people to shop local, then this website would support those communities in the future.

Founding Idea: Another part of the mission of is to give back to the communities that actually build the site. The hope would be to reinvest profits of up to 80% back into the communities that generate the revenue. Once the program is up and running, in its business form, all that will be needed is operating expenses. The return would come in the form of advertising within the community general area or outside. Also, what better way to give back than to Food Banks, Graduating Students or community groups.
The focus of is to promote local businesses over outside businesses. If no one in that community offers that service or product, than you would allow an outside area company to advertise.


Ad's can be taken on any page, by page or by community.
Community ad placement routes to individual or group listings.

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Pricing is based on community size.


This page is under development.

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