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Hello and Welcome to

The idea was thought of a few years ago. This is the 'x' version of my site with a few more to come.
If you are looking for an opportunity to join the growth, e-mail me.

One feature of this site is that the information is populated by the franchise owners who are residents of that community. All but Italy have been the work of one person. Please keep this in mind when critiquing the site.

Future Features:
- A login module
- A Mobile App

Thank you for visiting the Website, and drop back to see updates.
Ian Kelly


What is -a Website dedicated to the sustainability of communities through the sharing of information on the businesses, people and cultures that create and sustain the community.
Who can own a franchise?
People who live within the community or close to it.
What can do for your community? can give your community

-a centralized location to post community events
-a business directory dedicated to your community with little or no outside ad's
-a place were people can find out what your community has to offer
-a listing of towns close by
-attractions to visit
-things to do
-quick weather results and map link
-interesting facts about your community
-were to play golf

What services does supply Our services are dependant on the person running the frandchise. Myself, I have some gfx and website design experience so I offer this to my community members.
Posting on is not a guaranteed thing.




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Business listings, local listings, family services of towns, cities, villages, provinces, states, territories and countries, which are all part of one great community.
You're from the community of?