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Language: English

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CAPITAL: Canberra
POPULATION: @22.6 Million

+Capital Territory
+New South Wales



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Canberra International Airport (NSW)
Albury Airport (NSW)
Sydney Airport (NSW)
Melbourne Airport (NSW)
Brisbane Airport (Q)
Gladstone Airport (Q)
Rockhampton Airport (Q)
Mackay Airport (Q)
Bowen Airport (Q)
Townsville Airport (Q)
Innisfail Airport (Q)
Cairns International Airport (Q)
Weipa Airport (Q)
Adelaide Airport (SA)
Port Augusta Airport (SA)
Whyalla Airport (SA)
Cowell Airport (SA)
Cleve Aerodome (SA)
Cummins Town Airport (SA)
Cummins Airport (SA)
Elliston Airport (SA)
Streaky Bay Airport (SA)
Ceduna Airport (SA)
Yalata Mission Airport (SA)
Nullabor Motel Airport (SA)
Border Village Airport (SA)
Eucla Airport (WA)
Balladonia Airport (WA)
Norseman Airport (WA)
Myrup fly in estate Airport (WA)
Esperance Airport (WA)
Ravensthorpe Airport (WA)
Jerramungup Airport (WA)
Bremer Bay Airport (WA)
Albany Airport (WA)
Denmark Airport (WA)
Walpole Airport (WA)
Shannon River Airport (WA)
Northcliffe Airstrips (WA)
Manjimup Airport (WA)
Nannup Airport (WA)
Light Aircraft Landing Strip (WA)
Margaret River Airport (WA)
Busselton Airport (WA)
Bunbury Airport (WA)
Wheeler Field (WA)
Pinjarra North Airstrip (WA)
Murray Field (WA)
Perth Jandakot Airport (WA)
Perth International Airport (WA)
Jurien Bay Airfield (WA)
Leeman Airport (WA)
Geraldton Airport (WA)
Kalbarri Airport (WA)
Carnarvon Airport (WA)
Pannawonica Airport (WA)
Karratha Airport (WA)
Roebourne Airport (WA)
Port Hedland International Airport (WA)
Wallal Airport (WA)
Mandora Airport (WA)
Anna Plains Airport (WA)
La Grange Bay Airport (WA)
Derby Airport (WA)
Lombadina Airport (WA)
Beagle Bay Airport (WA)
Fitzroy Crossing Airport (WA)
Cadjebut Airport (WA)
Halls Creek Airport (WA)
Turkey Creek Airport (WA)
Kununurra Airport (WA)
Wyndham Airport (WA)


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