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Our Greatest Community.

Knowing what is in your own community may surprise you.

communityof.com is here to capture and share that information.

It's hope is to help build stronger communities and businesses through information sharing and a fairer distribution of commerce.



-communityof.com can host a information page/site for your community.

-communityof.com can help you get your company online with an information web page.

-communityof.com can host your menu.

-communityof.com is open to most countries and nationalities.

-communityof.com does not spread hate or stand for racism in any way.

-currently, communityof.com does not collect information from visitors. ie login

-Rebuild Start June 2021

"Due to recent upgrades of web code I have to repair/replace many links on the web site.

I am in the process of re-linking the pages etc.

Apologies for any inconvenience.

Thanks for your patience."



-Bridgewater, NS CDA

(Being built)



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--> Secure Login Function, cookie activation.
--> automated login function
--> business live updates
--> Covid/Virus Status



Pictures from communities.

Garden, Brantford, ON

-are you a local charity that needs a web presence?

Contact communityof.com

Most Charities can be published for no cost. Information style only.



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