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Front Page AD's, start at $29.99/month.

For a limited time
, front page ads prepaid for a year, $299.00 a savings of $60. (@200x300 guide line)

Ad space is first come first serve, and depends on the options selected for placement, as above.



*If applicable at time of sale, 1 Year renewal;

Menu Hosting (starting at 19.99)

The branch of Brantford offers a menu hosting service. The basic service is your supplied images/File hosted from links under your business listing. Other services are front page ads with links and a menu service where I create the menus and post them in pdf. The pdf version is zoomable and printable from any where, even on a multimedia devise.

Web Hosting

The branch of Brantford offers a website hosting service. Geared more toward information style websites like this one: LINK

This service is geared toward the site being built and then moved to its own hosting package.

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